Bah Humbug!

Posted by _bella_ in Dec 22, 2010, under Christmas

I am so a Christmas person. One of my co-workers went as far to call me the “Christmas Queen”. When the stores starting putting out Christmas decorations, I’m the person perusing the ornaments, lights and decorations. When mid-October comes around, I’m halfway done with my Christmas shopping. By November first, I’m sitting at my desk doing my Christmas cards between phone calls at work. I like to have them done and ready to go out the day after Thanksgiving. The weekend before Thanksgiving, I’ve already made a trip to the storage unit to bring up the decorations. I want my lights up first, so that come Thanksgiving weekend, I can put all my attention on my tree. I spend the next few weeks wrapping and organizing presents, making sure that everyone is accounted for and their presents are perfectly wrapped and decorated.

By the time most people are getting into the Christmas spirit, I’m sitting at home in front of my fake fireplace, watching a Christmas movie and gazing at my Christmas tree in the background. I get dressed every morning planning my outfits around my custom made Christmas jewelry, so that I can always show off my jewelry. My cell phone plays “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”, and my alarm clock is a medoly of Christmas songs. I am so into Christmas. I love baking cookies, shopping wrapping Christmas presents, that I start to drive people crazy.
5 days to Christmas, and counting, and …. BAH HUMBUG. I transform into Scrooge just in time for the office “Christmas Tree decorating contest”. All of a sudden I don’t care. I don’t want to sing Christmas carols, or bake cookies, and I don’t turn my tree on when I get home. I don’t color coordinate, and I just don’t feel Christmas.

Tomorrow is the 22nd, and I better find my Christmas spirit and soon, or else I’m going to bring everyone down with me.

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The Countdown Crisis

Posted by _bella_ in May 06, 2010, under Uncategorized

Today began as every other, multiple alarm clocks bleeping in my ear, multiple stabs for the snooze button. The morning marathon that IS getting ready for work. Last ditch attempt to run to Dunkin’ Donuts to grab a coffee before work. Run up the stairs, because you KNOW you’re about to be late, and can’t chance waiting for the elevator. Taking calls all day from foreign men who have names that sound like a disease, and almost 21 year old girls who cry because they can’t BELIEVE that they won’t have a valid ID to go out and drink with the night before they turn 21, and then, my favorite, the old people who call me kid, and the teenagers who call me “honey” or “sweetheart”. My favorite part of the day? The 4:15 email that comes around that says “At this time you may log off and go home.” … followed by a mass stampede out the door. Wait outside for the bus, get on the bus, ride the bus (while trying to ignore the woman who is picking her nose, talking in gibberish and STARING intently at you), pull the cord, get off the bus, walk home.

I walk in the door, take one look that is the pigsty of my apartment, and then I remember. One of my bridesmaids and her kids are coming over. @(#$*(*)@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to clean. So I run around, hide stuff here, throw my laundry in the shower (which I’ll probably forget about, and get yelled at for in the morning when my fiance gets up to shower for work), and try to make it look like I didn’t just clean it.

And then the fun begins. We sit down at the table, with bowls, measuring cups, a 5lb bag of specially ordered M&M’s, and little tiny organza bags. Trying to find the right “amount” of M&M’s without making them look “stingy” is a science. I should be published for it. Next thing I know, the giant bag is empty, and I only have 79 little organza bags full. (Let me requote myself,  @(#$*(*)@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I only needed 115, its not like I’m off by … 36?!

As soon as the kids are packed in the car, I grab my fiance and fly up I-90 towards Michael’s Craft Store. I know they have the M&M’s here, I’ve seen them before. We pull in the parking lot, and it’s 8:43 (they close at 9). We make a mad dash back to the wedding section and TA-DA!! … an empty shelf. Wait… What? This can’t be happening. So after a few deep breaths, we jump back into the car, and fly around the building to the front. To Party City. We run inside, (because now, it’s really almost 9), get to the M&M’s and… YES! SCORE! they have aqua. 6 dollars for a 7 ounce bag? RIP OFF. Oh well, I’m going to pay it because … well… I’m 36 favors short! I frantically start grabbing them off the shelf, when I realize… these look … funny? OH NO… these M&M’s are TEAL. I need Aqua. Sounds like the same color right? WRONG. Completely different. They actually clash. So now, I can buy 3 bags of approx 1 pound of cream colored M&M’s and mix them with 5 pounds of Aqua colored.  And then I visualize it, and I hate it. So I pick a fight with the nearest customer service employee, and then I apologize because they just wouldn’t have the decency to order the right M&M’s.

Now that I’m about to hyperventilate, I make my poor fiance, run me to multiple WalMarts to find them, and they only have white. Which… so does not go with my color scheme. I start to think, that’s okay, I have time. I start to run through the next 10 days in my head, and I have something every day, and then… a wedding? Wait, MY WEDDING? OMG… head between my knees… I can’t breathe.

Once we’ve burried this problem for tonight, I start to work on the program for the ceremony and my fiance starts barking about the trip to Myrtle Beach. I get mad and tell him to hold on a few days. To which, he points out that its only a few days away, and I have to admit that he’s right.

So… deep breaths, and then I look at my computer. Where my iDo wedding Couple  Edition is open on the screen and it cheerfully reminds me that it is “9 days 12 hours and 13 minutes” until my wedding.

Countdown Crisis is over.


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As the Blackberry Dings…

Posted by _bella_ in May 04, 2010, under Rants

Oh, Morning, How I loathe thee… and yet, the only reason I roll out of bed is to check on my Farm.

DAMN YOU FARMVILLE for controlling my life. I just cried a little when I realized that the crops I planted last night won’t be ready for another hour, by which point I will be at work. Sucks. I thought I had given up the ‘addiction’ of FarmVille, until one of my co-workers, who was recently added as a friend, kept reminding him me to add him as a neighbor. So, I log into FarmVille, and COOL, they now have chicken coops where you can keep your chickens, and harvest them all at the same time. And awesome, they have a dairy farm… and a horse stable! Next thing you know, I’m littering my news feed with requests for building parts for my new horse stable, screaming at my computer, “ISN’T ANYONE GENEROUS ANYMORE?!”

And then, I get home from work, and race the 2 blocks to my apartment from where the bus lets me off, and make a mad dash up the stairs, to throw open my laptop, and pray that my rice that I planted last night (and didn’t have time to harvest that morning) hasn’t gone bad, because I really want to win the co-op.

Then, I stop, and I realize, that FarmVille has taken hold of me once again. So, I try my hardest to block out thoughts of FarmVille at work, thinking that maybe if I forget about it, I won’t rush home and check it. (Except for the fact that it’s already open in a tab, next to Tiki Resort… which is a totally different blog subject!) As fate would have it, my mentor at work happens to be addicted to Zombie Farm for the iPhone, and I spend all day listening to him talk about “2 hours until my tomatoes are ready” and “Look at my onion hybrid Zombie!” and “I can’t wait to attack the Farm, my Zombies need BRAINS!”.

Which brings my thoughts right back to Farmville. Then, I wonder… Who is going to care for my crops on my Honeymoon??? Which is shortly followed by … I hope I don’t have to harvest when I’m walking down the aisle, because I don’t think I could handle having to make that decision.

FarmVille = Computer Crack.

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If I Only Had A Blog…

Posted by _bella_ in May 04, 2010, under wedding

Oh… wait, I do!

Whether or not I remember to use it, who knows.

So 12 days and counting until my wedding, and I’m starting to get a little bit of bridezilla creeping under my skin. Maybe I’m just stressed under the circumstances, and I’m actually starting to go crazy. It’s moments like this when I sit down, and see my dining room table bowing under the pressure of wedding favors and centerpieces, and a whole room in my house dedicated to decorations, and my fiance sound asleep on the couch… when I want to strangle him. Funny isn’t it? Haha, I love you, but what are you doing? I’m sitting here worrying about the fact that there’s so much to do and so little time, and he’s snoring on the couch.

But then, I think, that if he were sitting here with me, he’d be asking “Why did we have to buy this?” and “How much did this cost?” and “That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, WHY on earth would we own this?”. And then I decide, that I can’t decide if I like him better awake and helping or sound asleep and snoring.

And somehow, I decide that it’s all worth it, because at the end of the day, he’s the only person who loves me unconditionally, despite all of my flaws and random tendancies.

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